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Hello, I am Samriddhi Arora, a crafter and a blogger.

Just like you, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and don't want to miss out on tremendous opportunities by getting trapped into the rat race like everyone else.

Most of my friends go to college, but I can't see the advantages of going to college because when I look around I see most of the graduates are incapable of getting jobs.

Maybe because our educational system is flawed.

Well, I have this hobby of doing crafts since my childhood which I turned into my passion looking at the opportunities.

I travelled to different cities to learn the craft from the best crafters I could reach out to.

When I came back to my hometown I set up local family crafting business Bubby's. The response is tremendous.

Just like you, I go to Instagram, Pinterest and all those websites out there to get inspired for my work.

Going through all these websites (mostly female bloggers) I became aware of the fact that most of these websites have a great content but a bad design.

This maybe because of technical stuff is overwhelming when you have a lots more other things to do.

And so I realised perks of having a web designer brother, Thanks to him that I had some solid knowledge about web designing which leads me into noticing the designs.

Whenever I look at the design of your blog, my brain would start blasting of the thoughts about what can be done to your website.

A light bulb moment came to me that it would be extremely helpful for you if I blend my child like creativeness with my brothers web designing skills.

I guess he is the only designer who Designs a website a day. Which was an advantage for me? Well then I talked to him about the idea, he agreed as it was quite interesting and also something different from his routine work.

So we tried out few themes, the themes we made turned out to be the best-looking themes for female bloggers with the feminine look. This creative + geeky combo turned out to be awwsome.

Using this Creative + Geeky combo we started creating creative website designs that will appeal to your female audience.

Introducing Aww Studio

There are many ways websites can be designed, but to thrill your female followers you need something different.

Your website should look magical, friendly, creative and still have a sense of professionalism.

Well, we created a simple powerful process that will supercharge your website with creativity and will help attract more readers like a magnet.

You will get the unique creative looking theme with the superior design quality.

This is about you, You can choose from many different design options or even get your own unique custom designed website.

Let’s talk about some more excellent benefits you will get:

First of all... your blog will present your work and give you an advantage over other female bloggers. Seriously look around on the internet, a majority of female bloggers don’t have a good design and the one who have it, certainly has a great business too. It’s the proof in itself that effective design matters.

Second of all... Your profiles are over the social medias, which you don’t fully own, with your own beautiful looking website you got to integrate all these channels at one place, it is like people coming easily to your own shop, instead of you going selling in some public places.

Third… Your website will look authentic, you will feel more confident and other bloggers will envy you they would want to be like you, they will start talking about you.

Let me explain why we strongly suggest to try us out:

I am the crafter and I can relate perfectly to you.

To say it in another way… One plus one equals eleven

Why this matters to you is because biggest challenge that you might be facing is the technical difficulties.

Well, web design industry is still dominated by men, which misses out the creativity that women can bring to the table.

And it’s sometimes hard to communicate what you want for your website.

That is why I am here to understand your needs and make it easy for you.

I will bring the creativity to your brand and my brother will help bring that creativity to reality.

Here is what you will get in our service:

Free consultancy (limited offer)...

Are you feeling uncertain or helpless about the way you should get started? Use us, for the limited time, we are giving ourself for free.

If you are reading this (limited) offer you might be one of our first few visitors, we feel really thankful about that and we don't want you to feel missed out on this unbelievable opportunity that no one will give you.

There is nothing to lose, no risk involved, no money involved, no hidden tricks. You get the advice and we got to know your needs better. A Win for both of us. It quite a bargain!

Grab this Limited Opportunity

I am here to help you by creating a highly effective, beautiful and professional WordPress website which is created to look authentic exactly how you want it to look (with my suggestions of what is best for you).

You will have the freedom to easily navigate, update and edit your website on your own.

Let me ask you something… “How much your business is worth?”

The simple way to calculate it is to divide your yearly income by the numbers of customers you are getting each year.

So if you want to make $100,000 a year from your business and you have around 500 customers a year, then you make around $200 per customer.

Did you calculate the value? Ok good.

Let’s say that the website you have is not performing as good as you desire. Instead of multiplying your customer, let’s say “realistically” your website brings in 5 extra customers to you business.

If one customer is worth $200 then this gives you $1000 per month back in value and over the year it will give you around $12000 extra worth of income.

And that only happens with just 5 customers.

The reality is your website will be profitable for you, can you imagine if you website doubles or even triples your customer? What would it do to your life?

What if the promise that I’m making you and guarantee that your website will look beautiful, so you can attract much more customer.

How much would that be worth to you in cash? I can only imagine the gear starting to turn in your head.

So now let’s talk about the price of our service, as you know your website will worth you thousands of dollars, no doubt about that.

Instead of charging tens of thousands of dollars like other big media houses do.

I am offering you our service starting from a low cost of $999 for WordPress website using the premium theme and starting from $2999 for custom design.

And you can imagine it yourself, even if your website brings in few extra customers per month, your business will pay many times over in a matter of months.

In fact, this service could be the single best investment you can make in your business and I am betting that it will be.

There is no risk involved

Don't decide now, Try out our service risk-free for next 30 days.

I know that our service is going to change your business life, I know this will give you possibly the best website for your needs and I am so convinced that I would like you to try out this program risk-free, that’s right, try our service.

We will build a website for you for free and then you can pay later if you like it.

Here is how to create your website right now:

  • Click the button that says “Get Started”
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I truly want you to get a great website. I see lots of women struggling with this website thing, and I wanna help you with that.

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